Frequently asked Questions

Do I need to be home at the time of service?

In most cases, no.  This will be discussed at the time of your home visit.

Do I need to kennel my pets inside while you are here?

We love pets.  If they are OK with us, then we are OK with them.  It is in the best interest of you family pet to be in a area preferred inside.  Our machines could be considered loud for a pet.  We wouldn't want to upset them.

Some of my Vynl siding is cracked and broke, can you still clean it or should I just replace my siding?

Great question...

If just the bottom near the ground has issues from possible lawn equipment, that's not a problem.  We can still make your home clean without problems.  If you are missing Vynl in some places, we advise to have this looked at by a Home Siding Business.  We wouldn't feel comfortable knowing that water may get trapped behind open areas on walls. The visit is free so no worries.  We will advise then.  Every Home Is a bit different.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer Cash or Checks, but we also accept all major Credit Cards.

Note: Return Check fee is $40.00

Will you have to use my water?

Unfortunately, yes.  Most of all Pressure cleaning services will utilize a water hook up on the propery.

But don't be alarmed, our machines operate very efficient.

How will you get to the rear of my house to clean? 

No worries.  We have plenty of hose to go wherever we need to.

Will my landscaping get damaged from Hoses.

We absolutely make this our priority as part of your property to protect. 

Would you come just to do a driveway only? Mine is so bad but I can't afford everything right now.

Absolutely. We will come to clean anything, any amount.  It's all about what you want.  A free estimate still applies.

Will any of your Chemicals hurt my Plants or Grass?

All chemicals have the potential to damaging plants and grass.  However, we have not seen this to be a problem.